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“I want to replicate not only what I’m seeing but what I’m feeling in any given moment,” Matt says, “but with photography, you’re only working with one of the senses — so I try to use light and color, action, and environment-setting to evoke an emotional response.”

“Be it an animal, another human, or even a product shot, I spend time anticipating moments as well as being in the moment,” Matt says.  “Getting into position to capture scenes in an unobtrusive, natural way, allows the subject to let down their guard and become comfortable. There’s body language, maybe a certain look—there’s power in a gaze or a movement that can be felt on the other side of the lens.  That’s what I’m trying to accomplish. I want to really include the viewer in the experience.”  


Matt’s Clients

Matt captures people, animals, and outdoor gear and products in their natural environments. His wide-ranging experience and artistic vision make him an ideal choice for:

  • Outdoor lifestyle and sporting brands

  • Wildlife and landscape photography enthusiasts

  • Magazine, newspaper, and television producers

  • Explorers seeking visual documentation of their adventures 

  • Even pet owners who want to get outside with their furry friends. (Matt loves dogs.)


Matt would love to partner with companies and organizations that share his love for sustainable practices and products.

Matt’s commercial clients benefit from his diverse education and professional experience, which in addition to his photography acumen include:

  • Formal graphic design training and education

  • More than 20 years of customer service in almost any role you can imagine

  • More than 15 years of retail store management most recently Neptune Mountaineering.  "They’re always on the edge of what’s possible,” Matt says. “Between that and how they give back to the community and environment—I'm honored to work with such incredible athletes and industry leaders.”

You can find Matt’s photography on various blogs, including petapixel, as well as on digital and print advertising collateral for retailers such as Neptune Mountaineering and sport equipment manufacturer Tecnica.  He’s also been published in Boulder Magazine.

Get in touch now to set up a consultation.

Matt Crossley

is a commercial outdoor equipment/lifestyle, wildlife, and portrait photographer who calls Boulder, CO home. This avid hiker, climber, and general wanderer feels most at home chasing landscapes and light across all sorts of unique terrain, seeking new stories to tell through his lens.


He’s worked with marine biologists at a coral farm and helped to rehabilitate wildlife from Ohio to the national parks of Costa Rica.  Most recently, his career as store manager for outdoor gear trailblazer Neptune Mountaineering has provided him excitement and challenges for several years.

“My work with animals put me in the outdoors,” he recalled. “I was seeing things and places that were blowing me away like daily.  I’d get curious about some type of animal behavior, or stunned by a weather event, or even impressed by someone’s athletic fete — and all of this was happening in front of these gorgeous backdrops.”

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